General information

We offer you a choice of three different driving courses:

  • The normal driving course
  • A quick course
  • A package

The cost of a lesson is for a whole hour and includes collecting you and bringing you back.

1 hour (60 min.)
5 one hour lessons (to be paid in advance)
10 one hour lessons (to be paid in advance)
Package I *
includes 40 hours of lessons, a T.T.T    
(intermediate test), and the practical exam.    
Theoretical Examination
Practical Examination B
T.T.T (intermediate test)

*Packages (the theoretical exam is seperate from all packages)

Special limited one time offer: 10 lessons  € 370,00

Exam and Theorie Exam bookings are made through the Top online ERS.
This means that we can fix the date in consultation with you. It has the advantage that the exam will not clash with your other activities and it makes urgent bookings no longer necessary, saving you extra costs.
For more information on how to reach us you can go to the “Contact” page or sign up at the “Aanmelden” page.